The “Aktiv” Apartment Building

Welcome Poulsbo Community

Chinook, the owner of the lot located on the corner of Harrison, 9th and HWY 305 has formally submitted an application to the City of Poulsbo for development of the “Aktiv Apartments” Building. This website serves to provide information and updates about the project and it’s impact on the area. 

What’s the impact?

Traffic Congestion and Safety

There’s already a lot of traffic on the existing streets with no plans for improvement. Parking garage exits onto an alley way (9th), Harrison is in poor condition, and 6th has already seen a massive uptick in traffic, can the streets support 44 new residences and their guests?

Environmental Impact

What is the plan to mitigate run-off from contaminating the Poulsbo Creek, part of the critical ecosystem and aquifer for Poulsbo and Liberty Bay.

Economic Impact

Do Studio and 1 Bedroom apartments meet the current needs of our area? Long/short term rentals on this scale can negatively impact property and rental values. What’s in store for our property taxes?


With no plans to upgrade existing roads, sewers and storms drains, how will this increase impact us?

Community Culture

How will a building of this scale change the atmoshpere of Old Town Poulsbo?

Noise Pollution

What is being done to mitigate noise from a parking garage and rooftop events? How long will construction noise impact the surrounding area. 

Crime & Vandalism

Auto theft and break-ins are on the rise, a large parking lot and garage will draw attention to our neighborhood. What is to be done to prevent a rise in crime in our neighborhood?

Latest News & Resources

Hydrogeological Impact?

Hydrogeological Impact?

While precedence has been set for existing residential properties bordering or nearing the Poulsbo Creek, what about new developments of this scale? The mapping of the Poulsbo Creek largely shows it as underground here, however a quick walk down 9th you'll see the...

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